I study physics in my leisure time. Yes, I’m a geek. That said, I believe the difference between science and philosophy is that science addresses what’s provable. If you don’t know the answer in science, the answer is I don’t know.

I’m currently watching a program called How the Universe Works on the Science Channel. They just did a segment on dark matter and how important it is to making the universe work. The problem is they don’t know what dark matter is. it’s something they made up to address phenomenon they can’t understand.

The greek philosopher Aristotle proposed a substance called Ether that conducted electromagnetic waves. It filled the universe. It was assumed that it existed and was used in scientific reasoning until it was proved that there was no such thing in 1887. It’s important to note that the people using this theory were all labeled philosophers, not scientists. After the Ether theory was disproved, Einstein went on to  create a theory of the universe that didn’t use Ether and is still used today.

Dark matter is the ether of today. It doesn’t exist. There is a force or substance or connection to another dimension or something that science doesn’t understand and rather than saying that there’s something extremely powerful affecting our universe but we don’t know what it is, they talk about dark matter like it really exists.

I’d like to address all Physicists. Stop being philosophers and start being scientists. If you can’t define something and prove it, than say so.